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Authentic Fertility Health and Family Planning




You probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know this. We’re known for our emotional capacity for empathy, our mental capacity for multitasking, our relational capacity for optimal communication, and our spiritual capacity for self-sacrifice. We possess in our bodies the strongest human muscle, the uterus (READ: Men do not possess the strongest human muscle). We can grow a human with our bodies, birth a human through our bodies, and feed a human with our bodies.

Pregnant Woman in Nature



But this is the reality: So many of us have barely scraped the surface of understanding how our bodies work and what they're capable of. Let’s be real: Watching a sex ed video in 5th grade amongst a bunch of 10-year-olds (with a teacher who blushes at the mention of “vagina”) just doesn’t cut it.



Maybe you want to better understand how you’re wired. Perhaps you're confused by what your body is doing and don’t even know what it should be doing. Or maybe your periods suck and you’re missing out on the basic joys of life because you have to curl up in the fetal position with a heat pad on your abdomen. Maybe you're sick of doctors telling you to take the pill for {insert any gynecologic issue here}.

Maybe you're longing to get pregnant and all doctors can give you is a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility.” Or you're able to get pregnant but have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage. Perhaps you're tired of bearing the brunt of family planning and having to change your body, and you're looking for an option where your husband shares the responsibility. Or maybe you're looking for a way to strengthen communication in your marriage.

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White Lily FertilityCare Services helps women to understand how they’re wired, and to see the truth, goodness, and beauty of their uniquely feminine bodies. White Lily exists to empower women to comprehend their cycles and their fertility rather than treating them like problems. We're here to help women receive authentic healthcare for their gynecologic symptoms, and we recognize that they deserve better than the pill. We help women get real answers for previously “unspecified” diagnoses, like infertility. White Lily FertilityCare offers a family planning method that respects the dignity of the woman as a person with value, and facilitates communication and mutual decision-making between the spouses, bringing about stronger marriages.

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