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Passion for Authentic Healthcare

Lauren and Lily.jpg
with daughter Lily Teresa

Lauren Bassinger, RN, BSN, CFCP

Hi! I'm Lauren. I married the man of my dreams in 2012, and have since become a mother to 4 adorable blond-haired children. When I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a group of inspiring peers shared with me a lot of information about mainstream birth control and potential risks and dangers of the birth control pill. As a pre-nursing student, the more I learned about mainstream contraceptives and their health complications, the more frustrated I became that this was considered not only an acceptable healthcare option for women, but also the most widely used. After listening to

Janet Smith’s “Contraception: Why Not?” and Vicki Thorn’s “What They Didn’t Teach You in Sex Ed”, I was convinced that there had to be another option for women to family plan that better respected their bodies and their health. My mom first shared with me the basics of a natural method of cycle charting, and the more I researched natural methods, the more I learned that such all-natural methods could be effectively used for family planning. After being told by a physician that I had many telltale signs of PCOD, I began learning the Creighton Model in 2012, and was able to start taking natural progesterone, thus restoring my cycles which had never been “normal”. I graduated nursing school in 2013, and, after training in 2016 to teach the Creighton Model as a FertilityCare Practitioner, I have become even more passionate about the unique way that the Creighton Model FertilityCare System partners with the reproductive medicine of NaPro Technology and serves as a gateway to restoring women’s bodies to health and wholeness. 

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